module 3

National Data System


Use your own data

In this section, technical experts such as statisticians can insert their national data on domestic raw material extraction and greenhouse gas emissions produced and substitute the default data.

SCP-HAT builds upon a number of global datasets on national and international trade as well as on domestic environmental pressures and impacts, and different socio-economic indicators (see “Methods”).

In Module 3, users can insert their own data retrieved from national sources and substitute the model’s default data. Applying the new data will alter the results, depending on the extent to which the new data differs from the original data.

Data can be inserted for the two dimensions “raw material extraction” and “GHG emissions” in aggregated format. To do so, choose a country, the environmental category and the time frame and click directly into the cells of the appearing table. At the end click “apply” and explore the different types of analysis below. Support how to compile the data is provided via pop-up windows. For more detailed information on technical standards, refer to the official standards on Material Flow Accounting (MFA) and GHG emission accounting.

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